Rapunzel Doll Cake

One of Disney's classic stories .. Rapunzel with her golden hair... Based on the movie Tangled..

Chocolate cake covered in fondant.
The cake is from the waistline of the doll all the way down.  

Her  corset dress has intricate laces and drapes made of fondant.  Embossed with classic markings. A very thin layer of ruffles at and neckline, sleeves and waistline. Her laces in front is made of fondant brushed with edible gold. The flowers in front are made of royal icing drop flowers and the marking 5 and the celebrant's name is in white chocolate brushed in edible gold.

The Golden Hair is made of rice paper that continues the golden hair of the doll and looked flowing.  Rice paper was then wet with water and when it softened then arranged like its flowing by the wind.  Set to harden and then brushed with edible gold when almost dry.

Bettye Jean was so happy and her Grandmother who collects dolls wanted to keep it in her collection. 😃


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